Protec 50daN/110lbs 2x25m set

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Simply the best lines available.
Used where fast and precise resposes are required.

climax PROTEC stands for PROTECtion.This line is one of the best you can get for sport kites, trick and free style kites and for those who enjoy team and 4 Line REVolution style flying.

Available in strength from 25daN/50lbs to 160daN/350lbs on bulk spools or ready to fly sets.
Custom sets other than 25m and 30m or in other strength or longer bulk length are available on request.

5 times higher abrasion resistance then Spectra or Dyneema lines due to CSP-technology.
Individual fibres are sealed and protected before the actual braiding process starts.
Protec lines have an excellent aerodynamic behaviour.
Line sets on winder and line on bulk spools are pre-stretched to near 100% load.

The LONG-LIFE LINE is based on the latest technology in line manufacturing.
Very difficult to 'cut', due to 'CSP', even when crossed with other types of line.
Protec is the toughest line available from us.